The amount of visual effects and animation that go into any “live action” film nowadays is hardly a secret, especially to the readers of a site like Cartoon Brew, where we offer in-depth vfx coverage on a regular basis.

But even knowing all this, it’s still a treat to see the before and after versions of shots in live-action films, if only to be reminded of how much of modern-day films are created by animators and digital artists.

The latest film to offer a peek into its production process is the Disney-Marvel film Ant-Man and The Wasp. In the videos below, vfx supervisor Stephane Ceretti talks briefly about various facets of the production, like previs, bodyscanning, greenscreen, and photogrammetry. The videos are intended for a layperson audience, but the accompanying visuals make it worth a watch.

At least 13 different studios worked on the vfx for Ant-Man and The Wasp: Double Negative, Scanline VFX, Method Studios, Luma Pictures, Cinesite, Rise, Rodeo FX, Crafty Apes, Lola VFX, Perception NYC, Industrial Light & Magic, Digital Domain, and The Third Floor.

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