Over the Moon Over the Moon

When the trailer for a tentpole feature drops, it’s a matter of days before a video essay about it follows. So here we are, a week after our first peek at Glen Keane’s upcoming Netflix pic Over the Moon, with an elegant analysis from industry artist-turned-Youtuber Kim Allen.

Watch the video below:

A previs and layout artist by trade, Allen focuses on the compositions in the trailer. He reveals how some scenes are very classically staged, while others push boldly into abstraction. His analysis touches on aspects like color, editing, depth of field, and the symbolism of the moon and water lilies. He occasionally drops in a film-school tip: “In storytelling, it’s often really constructive to use reactions … rather than the actual action.”

Allen has worked for various studios across Australia, including Animal Logic, Mill Film, Day for Nite, and Flying Bark Productions. He has worked on The Lego Batman Movie, Peter Rabbit, Maya the Bee: The Honey Games, and Pacific Rim: Uprising. His prolific Youtube channel covers both artist interviews and style breakdowns, including a fun breakdown of one of the new Looney Tunes shorts from Warner Bros. Animation.

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